Our Facilities

We are proud to use state-of-the-art machinery, complex and intricate tooling and cutting edge techniques to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest specifications.

Over the last 25 years we have built up a comprehensive range of high frequency welding machines, including the UK’s largest high frequency welding machine; especially commissioned for Speed Plastics. The 80kw twin-shuttle welding machine has a 1600mm by 2700mm heated platen and 1900mm by 3000mm layup tables. We also have smaller foot welders, shuttle trays, CNC machines, silk-screen printers and a roller press to deliver a wide range of services to our customers.

Our services

High Frequency (HF) or Radio Frequency (RF) welding is the process of fusing materials together by applying radio frequency energy to the joined area. Using this method can result in a welding as strong as the original materials.

Speed Plastics are experts in using thermoplastics and are proud to manufacture a range of state-of-art products on behalf of our customers. Using advanced technologies and innovative processes; we are committed to developing the best product possible to suit our customer’s budget and requirements.

We believe anyone can make a product, but what sets us aside from our competitors is that we truly understand our customers’ needs and treat each one as a valued business partner. This commitment has created our wealth of experience across multiple sectors including healthcare, defence and survival, aviation, automotive and marine.

Bespoke engineering solutions

With decades of skills and experience, we are proud to offer a complete design and development service from concept idea through to the finished commercial product.

Concept Design

In the first stage, the Speed Plastics Development Team works closely with our customer to listen to their needs and understand their exact requirements. Our experienced team will then create prototypes, develop any in-house tooling that may be required and work closely with the engineering team who will take the product into the next phase of its journey.

Product Engineering

Once a working prototype has been created, the Engineering Team refines the product design to determine the best manufacturing process possible and the right materials for the job. This team will also coordinate the relevant testing and ensure the manufacturing process is cost effective for our customer.

On-site Manufacturing

The Speed Plastics team are experienced in a wide range of manufacturing techniques including ultra-sonic welding, CNC machine cutting, tool making, sewing and screen-printing. Familiarity in a range of techniques ensures our flexibility and responsiveness to our customer’s needs to ensure lead times are short and products are made to the highest quality.