Seating Solutions

Speed Plastics encompass every aspect of seating including domestic seating and bedding, automotive, aircraft and contract seating for offices. Inspired by increased international demand for healthier seating systems, Speed Plastics has developed health and comfort seating systems that provide superior adjustability and give each individual a custom and comfortable fit.

Today, consumers are health and comfort conscious and are eager to invest in a better seating experience. The company’s inflatable lumbar support solutions satisfy all modern-day demands and provide the utmost in correct seating support. A combination of solutions such as gel pad technology and air filled inflatables offer adjustable but compliant support and are more sympathetic and comfortable for the human body than a solid seat profile. These products take up very little space and the inflation system can be located wherever necessary.

The concept of inflatable ‘comfort zones’ provides greater flexibility for the individual in seat occupancy. The continually evolving technology at Speed Plastics has ensured its position as market leader in the supply of products to major manufacturers in seating solutions across a whole spectrum of industries.

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