Aquadome Solar Water Still

Using the sun’s energy to distil impure water

Manufactured by Speed Plastics since 1998, the Solar Water Still is an important and necessary piece of survival equipment which has been used by the military and yachtsmen for over 40 years.

Forming part of the emergency pack, the Solar Water Still is used in situations of survival providing a short to medium term source of fresh drinking water from seawater, rivers and ponds.

Light, compact and easy to use, the safety device utilises solar radiation to distil and collect pure drinking water from the sea or impure water such as urine or perspiration. It can be used without training and incorporates a buoyancy ring enabling the person using it to float.

All other methods of providing drinking water are bulky or costly and provide only a limited supply. The effects of dehydration are progressive. Any increase in drinking water supply increases survival prospects.


Approximate weight and dimensions when packed are:

Size: 32 cm x 27 cm x 7 cm
Weight: 1.2kg

NATO stock number 4610-66-144-2646

Features and Benefits: 

  • Easy to use – can be used without training both at sea and on land 
  • Needs minimal attention – the Aquadome still only requires attention when a litre of fresh water is produced or once a day
  • Efficient design and great care over material selection provides for minimum weight and bulk
  • Leaves no waste of impure water
  • High performance with a maximum output 300mls per hour
  • Strong operational life – over a long period of time in operational conditions the productivity of the still will decline due to build-up of salt on the solar collector. However, using the flushing procedure contained in the general instructions, the operational life can be extended indefinitely
  • Shelf life expectancy is set at two years


Any solar still is dependent on the level of solar radiation available. This level is in turn dependant on the location, season and weather conditions. However, the following figures serve as an indication of performance.

LatitudeTime of YearPure water output per day
51 Deg. NorthFebruary500cc
1 Deg. SouthMarch1500cc
N.B. 500cc = Approx. 0.88 UK pints = Approx. 1.06 US pints

The Aquadome Solar Still weighs approximately as much as half a litre of water but can produce many times this weight in drinking water per day. The factors, which affect performance, are also those that affect the survivor’s need for water. The hotter the conditions, the greater the likelihood of strong sun and therefore the more productive the still. Solar radiation is used to distil and collect the drinking water – essential for daily survival both at sea and in deserts. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use with an output of between 500 and 2000cc per day depending upon climatic conditions.


Water makes up about 65 percent of the mass of the human body, yet the body continually loses water. In many situations the limit of endurance is set by the availability of drinking water. In hot environments human survival depends critically on the availability of drinking water. In any environment water is essential. Without water, the average person will die within two weeks, and if the weather is very warm or the person is working hard, survival may be limited to only two or three days.

Daily Mean Air Temp (C)Expected Survival Time (Days)
Loss of Water (approx.)Effects
> 4 litresThirst, Vague, Discomfort, Impatience, Nausea and Loss of Efficiency
> 8 litresDizziness, Headache, Dyspnoea, Tingling in the linbs, Decreased blood volume, Increased blood Concentration, Absence of salvation, Cyanosis, Indistinct speech and Inability to walk.
> 15 litresDelirium, Spasticity, Dimming of vision and Death
Survival > Effects of Dehydration and Survival Times Without Water

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